R 400.00

  • ISBN :9781009385688
  • Book available March 2024
  • Skills focussed

Increase your confidence in preparing for examination and understand more about assessment with this guide authored by experienced education professionals. This resource is designed to help you recognise different question types, understand connections between concepts, reflect on your progress and manage test anxiety. This guide contains questions and activities to improve your ability to recall knowledge and answer questions effectively. ‘Knowledge recall’ questions check you can remember syllabus concepts, while ‘Exam-skill’ questions provide you with valuable opportunities to practise answering exam-skill questions. Your awareness of and familiarity with exam language is increased by the focus on command words, time management, and the marks breakdown within and across exam papers. Features such as a self-assessment checklist and sample answers from our experts help to deepen your learning and understanding. Includes digital access to the resource and over 400 auto-marked practice questions and past paper practice. All other answers are available via Cambridge GO.



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